Tim Clarke

Known for an informal coastal aesthetic, Tim Clarke often brings the elements of his beloved California to a project, from abundant light to a seamless relationship with nature to the embrace of color, all while celebrating a feeling of wellness, creativity and health.

Clarke grew up in Kansas, dreaming of the California endless summer, and was drawn west to pursue his vision. Working alongside interior designers Waldo Fernandez and then Michael Smith, he developed his craft to reflect his inner sense of balance and calm. Clarke’s vision has manifested in his own life where he lives between Santa Monica and Malibu, and travels frequently to Hawaii and Europe, where he experiences what coastal life can mean.

Clarke opened Tim Clarke Design in 1996 to help clients achieve not only a beautiful home, but one that is designed to improve their lives, supporting a feeling of happiness and ease. “I go deeper into what design actually is, beyond just the way it looks,” says Clarke. He helps translate a person’s internal identity into their home, believing a home is the ultimate expression of who we are.